Irish Wolfhound film uit 1933

A Frinton-on-Sea, () study. "Everyone admires the wolfhound, and the Irish type certainly deserves it. This breed combines the grace of the Borzoi with the strength of the Alsatian." C/U of a wolfhound being stroked by its owner. "Exercise is, of course, an absolute essential, so off they go for their morning run." L/S of a woman walking towards the camera with two large wolfhounds on leads. She walks through a gateway. She if followed but two other women and a man, all with dogs pulling them along. L/S of a wide tree lined street. Two women walk in the middle of the road with the dogs. L/S of the group of dogs and their minders walking across fields.

"In spite of their size they're as playful and frisky as puppies." L/S of the dogs running towards the camera across fields. "Exercise over, food is welcome." M/S of the dogs tucking in to their dinners. Closer shot of the dogs scoffing food. "For some years this breed was extinct, but efforts to revive it have met with a success which can be judged by a study of these fine specimens." Two women pose with the dogs. M/S of some of the dogs. "Real champions." C/U of two of the dogs.

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