Wolfhound Rescue Update - October 13, 2014

Een kleine maand geleden zijn er 75 Ierse Wolfshonden gered/in beslag genomen in Texas USA. De honden maakten deel uit van een zogenaamde puppy-mill (puppen fabriek). De honden waren gehuisvest in kennels, waar zij met een aantal honden per kennel hun leven sleten. De meeste honden waren broodmager, uitgedroogd, conditioneel zwak, de vachten vuil en vol klitten en zaten onder de vlooien en teken. De IWCA en IWF hebben de handen ineen geslagen om deze honden op te vangen en alle zorg te bieden die zij zo dringend nodig hebben.
Onderstaande update en oproep tot financiële steun van de IWCA en IWF ontvingen wij via mevrouw De Haan (vd. Ruempol) om dit op onze website te publiceren.


The progress that we are able to report today is a direct result of hours and days of effort by members of the wolfhound community. In many far-flung places in the United States, people have pitched in to make and remake plans that are now coming together to pull off the greatest single effort to rescue wolfhounds in need that any of us can remember. The dogs cannot thank you, but we thank you. Thank you to the people who have already done so much, to those who are still waiting to begin their part, and a special , special, thank you to our "€œboots on the ground group," the South Central IW Club!  These few, terrific, hard-working people have been practically living with the hounds during the weeks, and on weekends, working with Dr. Mel Mercer to provide veterinary care. We could go on and on, but we want to tell you about the dogs themselves.

On September 17, legal custody of the seized dogs was given to the Houston SPCA. After ten (10) days, when the last chance for appeal was past, custody of all but one of the dogs (who was adopted by an employee of the Houston SPCA) was transferred to the SCIWC as the local representative of the IWCA.  On September 28, the first group of hounds was released from the SPCA. As dogs were determined to be healthy enough to travel, others were released, with small groups going to Colorado, New Mexico, and several locations in Texas. Some of the remaining dogs were being treated for minor upper respiratory infections, which delayed issuance of health certificates, and on October 8, the 33 remaining hounds were moved to a private boarding facility in Houston, where they are now.

Encouraging news of the hounds is beginning to be available. The spay/neuter process has been successfully accomplished for some of the stronger, healthier hounds. Reclusive hounds are beginning to accept and even seek human interaction. Hounds that seemed too traumatized even to move are beginning to walk around. One boy who was thought to have dysplastic hips doesn't; with better nutrition and a chance to exercise, his rear should improve!  An enterprising girl hound met a family over the weekend, bonded to the children instantly, and has probably earned herself a permanent home. Go girl!

There have, of course, been losses: twelve of the wolfhounds taken into custody by the SPCA were lost due to illnesses or behavioral issues.  The others have generated lots of expenses!  Our first appeal for donations earmarked for the Texas rescue has brought in $16,500 to date.  Of that, $8,500 has been disbursed to SCIWC to date for miscellaneous expenses: medication, kennel supplies, collars, and working capital for day to day expenses.

As a community of wolfhound people, clubs, and organizations, our task is still in the beginning stages. Doug Marx and Dave Milne, IWF President and Treasurer, respectively, have projected some of the expenses going forward. Figures are approximate, but alas, not exaggerated.

1) Grooming cost:  all the hounds needed to be shaved down to free them from heavy matting and to check for skin issues. $2,600.00
2) Boarding cost per week for approximately 33 hounds:  $5,800.00. Monthly cost: $23,000.00 (The first week'€™s boarding cost is due by week'€™s end.)
3) Transport cost for hounds going east:  $8000.00 - $10,000. We plan to move these dogs in two groups based on when the hounds are cleared for travel.
4) Health certificates for hounds that will travel: $500. This cost will vary with the number of hounds transported.

It is an obvious financial necessity to get the hounds out of boarding care and into foster care as soon as we have a group certified ready to go. Rescue coordinator Jean Minnier arranges transport for the hounds. Currently, she is setting up a trip to the east coast for 10 or 12 hounds.  These hounds will be certified healthy and ready to travel from Houston to Rice, VA.  At a later time, we hope to repeat a similar transport all the way to NY.  Jean is now looking for a smaller horse-type transport that can be partitioned into several areas. These hounds cannot yet be walked on leashes, so instead, they'll be bedded in shavings or deep straw.  Right now, Jean is following up on a few good leads. If you know of anyone with a rig like this, who may be willing to help, please let Jean know.

The hounds need your help, so please send what you can, and remember that all donations sent through the Irish Wolfhound Foundation are tax deductible. All contributions specifically earmarked for the Texas Rescue Hounds will be accounted for separately from other IWF funds, and disbursed only to pay rescue expenses for these dogs.

To make a donation, use the IWF Gift Shop online. Go to www.iwfoundation.org/donations.html and click on the red Donate tab located on the right hand side of the screen.
If you prefer to make a donation by check, please make your check payable to The Irish Wolfhound Foundation and mail directly to: IW Foundation, 150 Creek Road, Phillipsburg, NJ 08865. In either case, designate your donation to the Texas Rescue Hounds.

Thank you for your help and your patience.  As always, as things change, we will update you promptly.

Patricia Cobb, IWCA President
Doug Marx, IWF President
Jean Minnier, IWCA, IWF Rescue Coordinator


P.S.  How’s this for a prompt update?  Message just received from Jean Minnier:
Good news, I have transport set-up for Monday October 20th…..picking up 10 or 11 hounds from Houston, TX --- delivering to Rice, VA on Tuesday Oct. 21st.